赤本 眞智子


I have some experiences that ordinary familiar things seem beautiful and also interesting on a sudden. I cannot explain the reason well, but I guess those experiences came from a condition of the lighting, or the state of my mind at that moment. My works are what expressed as much as possible the views and feeling at such time.

I have a desire to express the story which has not only the unusual scenery and strange feeling but also a feeling of deja vu, by painting instead of writing.For example, when I drew my washroom in these days, my friends said “Oh, why the washroom?!” One day, I had seen the wash basin and a mirror in my washroom reflected by the sunlight from a small window, then I had strange feeling as I was in the different magical place. This room was usually lighted by the fluorescent light, but was no luminary in that moment. The views weaved the beautiful and natural light spread white square space of the basin and the reflex of my shape, the emotionally stirring nice story was likely to begun.

I found this place actually was very beautiful, so I have a desire to express and shear this thing.
Such a things are motivations behind my work.
It is fun for me to draw steadily in the midnight, with a clerical job in daytime. With going underway draw, the story is deepened and spread rapidly, and I find the essence of the beauty and the charm at first sight. If you look the picture with the story, you have a feeling that you peek at another world and also trip from the ordinary world to the extraordinary one. I want to draw such a picture.

Machiko Akamoto