現在制作中の作品「境界線」について About the current work, “the boundary”

Filled with emotions, heart buzzing, I’ve met this scenery somewhat relieving and awe.  For the first time, it showed me a slight sign, which drew me to draw something beyond the horizon over water.  That will make this “obscure concept” in my mind into reality.

It all started at the time of “Obon”, one of Buddist beliefs, our ancestors’ souls come back to our world.  I’ve visited my family’s grave where it’s located halfway up a mountain, standing beside the ocean.  Parked along the coast, and it was that sudden moment the scenery filled up my eyes, boundless sky and what lies beneath is vast ocean.

The water with the sunset casted is so calm, not a single wave, as if it’s furnished with green comfy rug the entire ocean.  Since all too often, it’s always windy and ripples everywhere, the calmness  is too unusual, almost horrifying.  Despite the fear, looking into the velvet like water re-recognized me the feeling wasn’t fear, it’s devout from that mystical sight.  No wonder why, it was from an old lesson from my youth.

“What lies beyond the sunset is a pureland.   While in Obon, the soul of ancestors visit us from far offshore.”

Coincidentally, the visit to the grave was during the Obon period.  This soundless ocean was just the right moment for souls to pass by.  I couldn’t help myself to finish the grave visit quickly and go back to see the ocean again.  Indeed, the mystic was already gone, wind was blowing, and a different sunset.

Drawing the thing beyond the horizon over water will complete the “obscure concept” into a clear answer.  That is…

where we came from and where to.  What it looks like to be there.  And has it anything to do with living in the moment.

To be clear, this story is not about religions.  Rather, it’s about the built up habits from youth roots into our unconsciousness.